Condominium Insurance

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Different kinds of homeownership require different kinds of insurance. At Atlantic Insurors, we understand your needs and can get you covered the way you need.

If you own a condominium, you own more than just your own condo – you also share ownership in your building and in the common areas. Sure, your association dues help to pay for upkeep of those common areas – but they don’t typically cover your personal property, or your liability if someone’s injured on the property.

Condominium insurance helps to protect you and your possessions in ways that overall association insurance generally does not. A strong condominium insurance policy helps you cover the potential cost of replacing all of your possessions, fixing damaged appliances, or paying medical bills if or when a guest is visiting. Your condo association’s policy is already in place when you buy your condo – but it’s designed to cover the main building up to the drywall in your unit, but typically not your interior walls or anything inside.

The right condominium insurance policy works hand-in-glove with your Homeowner Association  insurance to make sure that you’re financially covered in case of loss, damage, theft and unanticipated expenses.

Most individual condominium insurance policies cover the following:

  • Personal property: Helps replace belongings stolen or lost in a covered incident, like a fire
  • Personal liability: Helps to protect your assets in cases where someone is injured inside your unit or you accidentally injure someone away from home
  • Damage to unit structure: In a condo, you own everything inside your unit’s walls — including carpeting, ceilings, countertops and more. So it’s on you to insure them
  • Additional living expenses: If your condo is damaged to the point that it’s uninhabitable, this helps to relocate you and pay living expenses while repairs are made

How much condominium insurance do you need? At Atlantic Insurors, we’re happy to help you figure this out. In general, it’s best to get as much as you can afford. A good rule of thumb is to determine what your Homeowner Association (HOA) master policy already covers, and then get condominium insurance for what it would cost you to rebuild – and refurnish – the interior of your condo. That should include your clothing, furniture, electronics, appliances, and everything else that goes into turning your condo into your home.

Atlantic Insurors offers reliable condominium insurance that helps you protect your personal belongings, your liability and your peace of mind.

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