Flood Insurance

Avoid That Sinking Feeling

Most people think their house is covered by their homeowners policy in the case of flood. Imagine their distress when they learn that they aren’t.

Or, they make make the mistake of thinking the flood is never coming. The headlines of the past few years show that it’s more likely than ever.

If you live in a flood zone and you’re carrying a mortgage, federal law may require you to have flood insurance. Even if that’s not the case, it makes sense to carry flood insurance because your home – or business – might still be at risk.

Flood insurance policies require a minimum 30 days to become active—that’s a federal law—so acting now is important. Don’t want to wake up one day feeling you’re under water? Call us today.

“But I’m not in a flood zone.”

For some people, flood insurance is the last thing they think about when it comes to protecting their dwelling. Why? Because they think they don’t live in a flood zone. But in these days of rising tides and shifting water tables, who can be sure any more?

“My mortgage company doesn’t require me to purchase flood insurance – so I must not need it.”

What many people don’t realize is that a standard homeowners insurance policy doesn’t provide coverage for water damage caused by flooding, excess rain, water and mud coming into the house. This is a hole in your coverage that flood insurance may help you to plug up.

Low cost, big protection

Flood insurance provides important coverage at a low cost.  People sometimes assume that flood insurance is costly, but in reality this potentially invaluable protection often adds little to the cost of a policy—far less than the cost of a daily cup of Starbucks coffee, and far less than your probable cost in replacing everything you’ve lost under a flood.

And the risk of flooding is real. Not just from hurricanes, major storms, or proximity to a major body of water. Floods can result from rainstorms, melting snow, land development runoff and more. On average, 25% of flood insurance claims come from areas that had been considered at low to moderate risk of flooding. According to FEMA’s FloodSmart.gov site, even just one inch of water in a 1,000-square-foot home can result in more than $10,000 in damage. That cost is even greater with large homes or even more severe flooding.

Given the low cost, there’s no reason not to let Atlantic Insurors be your life raft. Most flood insurance policies require a minimum 30 days to become active. So it’s important to call us now – before rising waters swamp you.