High Net Worth

High-Net-Worth Insurance

The average insurance policy is written for the average household income (in the U.S., that means $51,000). But you’re not average.

As a high-net-worth individual, your needs are very different.

Atlantic Insurors provides insurance solutions to affluent individuals and families across the U.S. and especially in the area of New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Connecticut. We’re a resource for you and other clients whose significant assets require special insurance programs and a level of coverage that far exceeds what’s typical.

You may own a luxury home valued at millions of dollars, or have a highly prized private collection of fine art, a wine collection, precious jewelry or other valuables that you need to insure against loss or damage. You’ve worked hard to obtain a certain lifestyle. Now, most of all, you want to protect it all from unexpected lawsuits, with a High Limit Umbrella policy with limits up to 50 million dollars or more.

At Atlantic Insurors, our expert insurance agents can help you evaluate your risks and put into place the right programs to protect your interests. We tailor the perfect insurance solution for each household’s need. Because we work with all five premier insurance carriers that specialize in high-net-worth portfolios (AIG, Ace Insurance, Chubb, Fireman and Pure Insurance), we are specially qualified to offer insurance designed to protect your unique needs.

We will review with you any changes in your life that might affect your insurance portfolio, working to eliminate gaps in insurance coverage and to negotiate pricing on the best package designed expressly for you. And we cast a special eye toward protecting the wealth and possessions you’ve accumulated. We will assess all the potential coverage needs specific to your financial class, including:

  • Auto insurance: All automobile policies aren’t created equal. Whether your vehicles are priceless classics or Formula One-ready, you need insurance that appreciates and respects the actual car you own, and that protects you against extravagant claims
  • Homeowners insurance: Your home is a major investment. If disaster strikes your home, you’ll want the right policy for you – one that helps to repair, replace or rebuild it as it was. While not all policies do this, the one that Atlantic Insurors matches you with will. The homeowners insurance policies we offer for high-net-worth homeowners offer options and features generally not found in standard policies
  • Condominium insurance: When it comes to your condo, what’s inside counts for a lot. While condo association policies often cover repair to the structure, they generally exclude improvements you’ve made such as stone countertops, built-in cabinets and upgraded lighting fixtures and appliances. We offer condominium insurance policies that cover the replacement of your improvements and your possessions – and that will help cover your personal liability if a guest sustains an injury in your unit and sues you
  • Pleasure boat and yacht (watercraft) insurance: Whether you own a small runabout, a sailboat, yacht or a seafaring vessel with full-time captain and crew, we can help protect you with coverage for most eventualities
  • Renters insurance: Especially for high-net-worth individuals, it’s a mistake to assume that the homeowner’s insurance will cover you against liability claims, or damage to the premises. We can help cover you for replacement costs, improvements you may have made, liability and more
  • Umbrella liability insurance: The average umbrella policy, with coverage of between $1 million and $5 million, isn’t enough for you. As your wealth grows, so does your likelihood of becoming a target for lawsuits. Our high-limit umbrella liability insurance can add up to $100 million of additional liability protection, fill in your coverage gaps and help cover the costs of your legal defense
  • Valuable collection insurance: Whether it’s a signed Matisse, a rare Malbec or a pristine first-appearance Marvel comic, its value far exceeds the coverage afforded by your average home insurance. The added protection of a valuables policy insures the value of your most precious possessions
  • Private fleet insurance: Do you have more cars than drivers? Does your private garage include more Maybachs and MGs than Camrys and Hyundais? Then your average auto insurance won’t do. You need private fleet insurance that acknowledges the value of your fleet, that provides proper coverage for the unforeseen, and that insists that in the event of collision only proper original equipment manufacturer’s parts are used
  • Jewelry insurance: Sometimes, diamonds aren’t forever. When that happens – when your precious earrings, bracelets, necklaces or rings are lost or damaged or stolen, either here or anywhere else in the world – you’ll be glad you have jewelry insurance that appropriately covers the actual value of your loss
  • Risk management: These days, everyone is aware of the risk associated with storms, and the risk of losing power to your home. What if your sump pump fails and your sewers back up, spilling water or sewage into your home? What if a lightning storm wipes out your electronics, or a storm shears off a tree limb that crashes into your roof? Risk management insurance provides for repairs – and system upgrades – to help get you through the next inevitable bout of bad weather

For more than 30 years, Atlantic Insurors has served as a trusted advisor to high-net-worth individuals and their families. You can rely on our expertise, our first-class service and our discretion.