Homeowners Insurance

Rest assured, with the right homeowners insurance

The wrong homeowners insurance can leave you sleepless. The right insurance leaves you resting easy.

When you work and play hard, the last thing you need is to toss and turn, worrying over whether or not your homeowners insurance has you covered.

Call Atlantic Insurors today and we’ll help you rest assured that you’ve got the right insurance.

The homeowners insurance policy that’s right for you might include covering the structure of your home – but also the replacement costs of damaged items, liability coverage, living expenses if you have to move out during reconstruction, your personal possessions, or more.

Basic homeowners insurance policies typically include the following:

  • Dwelling protection: Protects you from financial loss if your home and any connected structures (such as a deck or garage) are damaged from disasters like wind, hail, explosions and vehicular impact. Typically, you will want enough coverage to rebuild your home should catastrophe strike.
  • Other structures protection: Provides insurance on the structures that aren’t attached to your home (such as a detached garage, pool, tool shed, carport, or fence)
    • Additional living expense coverage: In the eventuality that you need to leave your home temporarily due to a covered loss, this covers relocation costs, plus additional costs to maintain your standard of living while away
    • Water backup coverage: This coverage, which is distinct from flood insurance, provides reparations for water damage from the ground up, such as from an overflowing drain or broken sump pump
    • Personal property insurance: Covers your belongings, either on the go or in your home. It’s best to make a detailed inventory of your possessions in advance and set your limit based on replacement cost
    • Family liability protection: Covers your legal liability if your negligence causes injury or property damage to others. This also helps to pay for your own legal defense. In general, it’s best to get enough coverage to protect all your assets so they aren’t at risk in a lawsuit.
    • Guest medical protection: Helps to pay medical bills for those who are injured on your property.
    • Fire department charges coverage: Helps to cover fees potentially charged by your fire department in response to a call.

Not sure what you need to cover as part of your homeowners insurance? Don’t worry – call us today and we’ll work with you to develop a quote that lays the foundation for your comfortable future.