Rental Property Insurance

Protect Your Rental Property

Your rental property is an investment. It’s important to protect that investment with a rental property insurance plan. In the real world of renting property to tenants, it doesn’t always work out well for what belongs to you. We help ensure that landlords like you get the most out of your investment.

Rental property insurance—sometimes called fire insurance or a dwelling fire policy—provides protection and peace of mind. Whether you’re a real estate investor with a portfolio of rental properties, or a first-time landlord renting out your home, rental property insurance helps you sleep easier, knowing that you and your assets are protected.

If you can’t afford to fully replace your rental properties – or to lose the money you make from them – you need rental property insurance. Rental property insurance guards against the unforeseen. And homeowners insurance does not cover you against the potential risk you assume when you’re renting out your home (or other properties).

Rental property insurance is also beneficial if:

  • You’re moving out due to a permanent relocation and haven’t sold your home
  • You’re moving out of your home and you’re planning to rent it out to others – either temporarily or long-term
  • You’re a landlord and want to help protect your property

Types of rental property insurance coverage available include:

  • Dwelling:  Covers damages to your property from fire, hail, vandalism and other perils
  • Personal liability:  Covers legal fees due to injury claims or property damage occurring on your property due to covered losses. And, in most cases even more importantly, to cover medical expenses if a visitor is injured or suffers a loss on your property
  • Loss of rental income:  Replaces your rental income while your property is being repaired or rebuilt due to damage from a covered loss
  • Is your property vacant? If so, we offer a special fire policy expressly for vacant homes

Your rental properties are a serious part of your income – they are your business to manage. With the security of rental property insurance, Atlantic Insurors can help you protect your real-estate rental investments.

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