I’m extremely satisfied with the level of customer service at Atlantic Insurors. Staff are prompt and courteous – Norman is ready to answer questions and provide assistance with the many aspects of insuring a business.

Joe F.

The Agency keeps me informed about policy changes and news of interest and gives me reliable consistent service. My agent Liz is proactive and responds promptly to inquiries.

Claudia M.

Atlantic Insurors typifies what I look for in an insurance company. They have always been there to help me through the maze we all encounter within the insurance industry.

Frank S.

I went shopping for a new agent and contacted Atlantic Insurors. I spoke with Melissa who provided me quotes from three different companies. She showed me how I was able to save hundreds by purchasing my auto and homeowners policy from one company.

Jerry G.

I am delighted with the service I receive from Atlantic Insurors (home and auto). I find the customer service to be exceptional! Melissa is always there for me!

Irving W.

I have been a client of Atlantic Insurors for almost 30 years and have always been satisfied with their service. I have worked with Maureen for over 15 years. She has always been professional, friendly, and thorough.

Dr. John R.

Maureen Conn is truly my PERSONAL insurance agent. I can call her or email her and she gets back to me promptly and with a smile. She goes above and beyond to help with claims, find the best and most affordable coverage.

Pat R.

Atlantic Insurors has established and maintained an excellent relationship with our company. Their staff is friendly and always ready to help.

Lee T.

I have known Frank for many years as a colleague at Chase. Currently, I have used Frank to help me sort out my personal financial plans. His expertise, drive, and overall professionalism made the experience very easy and enjoyable.

Dan C.

To preserve the illusion of youthfulness (for both of us), I'll only say that I've known Frank for a VERY long time - first as a friend, later as a business colleague and also a business partner.

David G.

Frank's desire to serve is incredible. His attention to details with respect to the needs of the clients is one of his greatest qualities. I trust Frank and I believe that he has my best interests in front of his own.

Armando N.

Atlantic Insurors is great! They really know their stuff and I’m confident I have the protection I need.

Anthony P.

I’ve known Maureen for over five years and have never once been disappointed in her work. She has a vast knowledge of his industry, is dependable, professional and always delivers.

John T.

Atlantic Insurors has watched our family grow as well as our business and they have been with us all the way!

Ed S.

The representatives at Atlantic Insurors are knowledgeable professionals with high standards. They are friendly, provide excellent service, and are truly concerned about our needs. I place a great deal of trust in their advice.

Michelle J.