Watercraft Insurance

Enjoy the thrill of jetskiing—without the worry of being underinsured.

You bought a jet ski to take you away from it all. But with the wrong insurance, you run the risk of taking those stresses and pressures with you.

At Atlantic Insurors, we understand the needs of different people being on the water. (Our CEO is an avid sailor.) Whether it’s a jet ski, jet boat, or a small boat that you’re piloting, we can help you get the watercraft insurance policy you need.

Our watercraft insurance policies can protect you against many different types of loss and expense, including liability, physical damage, medical payments, on-water towing, total loss replacement, roadside assistance, and more.

Making sure your watercraft insurance is ship-shape

Like every major investment, watercraft and boats need the right insurance coverage. That’s why we trawl through all the policies available to ensure you get specialized coverage to meet your needs. Whether you’ve got a small pleasure boat or a jet ski, a jet boat or a little runabout, you can break water with confidence.
Watercraft insurance policies can provide coverage for:

  • Physical damage resulting from collision with a submerged object or with another vessel, or from storms
  • Liability for bodily injury, and for damage to the property of others
  • Damage to personal property on the boat
  • Towing and assistance if your boat gets stranded

Keeping the cost of watercraft insurance above water

At Atlantic, we strive to match your boat insurance needs with the best coverage at the lowest price possible. While watercraft insurance is surprisingly affordable, here are some factors that can help keep your rates even lower:

Savings for hybrid or electric boats and more

• Boating education: The greater your experience, and the more boating education you’ve received, you may qualify for discounts as a safe boater

• Safety features: Expanded safety features on your boat may help you qualify for rate reductions

• Insuring multiple boats: Having more than one boat insured with the same company may help lower your rates

• Bundling your insurance policies: You might be able to save even more by bundling your auto insurance and homeowners insurance policies with your watercraft insurance policy
At Atlantic Insurors, we always put the client first. We’ll seek out all possible discounts for you, while putting together a personalized package that gives you peace of mind.

Don’t get capsized by the wrong insurance. Call Atlantic Insurors today.